Susan Tornero

Susan Tornero, Escrow Officer

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Susan Tornero likes to do things right—like interviewing for a new job in a suit.  It was in a pair of jeans, however, that she landed her first position in an escrow company.

“I was dropping off some accounting documents, when out of the blue, they asked me to interview right then and there for an opening.  I was mortified to be in jeans, but it didn’t stop me from landing the job!” she laughs at the memory.  That was nearly three decades ago.  Today, Susan is a highly respected escrow officer at Escrow Trust Advisors, Pasadena.

“During my time in the industry, I’ve worked at several escrow companies including the title business, and Escrow Trust Advisors strikes the right balance between great people, support and customer service,” she commented.  “I like to see my agents happy, and this happens in large part because of the professional environment fostered here.”  Susan manages residential escrows that include refinance and short sales.  She is a member of the California Escrow Association, a Notary Public and is a Certified Escrow Technician.

Susan’s desire to do things right has built a staunchly loyal base of clients and continues to grow with referrals, both on the sales and buyer side.  When she’s not working with agents, banks and homeowners, her attention goes to the dogs—literally.  An animal lover par excellence, Susan enjoys spending time with her “fur kids” and family.