Concierge Services for Sellers

Concierge Services for Sellers

conciergeblogSelling property can be extremely stressful for all parties involved.  At American Trust Escrow, we strive to provide helpful information and resources to buyers, sellers, and agents.  One such helpful resource we would like to discuss is Real Estate Concierge Services.  The Concierge, as a third party, takes on many forms for the buyer and seller.   This blog will focus on Property Management for the seller.

Property Management ensures that the house looks as good as it possibly can, and that the property has been well maintained while it’s on the market.  It is important, especially during an Open House, that the home and property are in good condition and don’t appear to be neglected.  A well maintained house can be the difference of a few hundred thousand dollars or more on the offer from a buyer.

We recently spoke with Laura Doughty of Monarch Estate Management about Concierge Services and how it can help REALTORs when listing a property.  A resource once forgotten, Monarch Estate Management delivers services that enhance properties and enhance relationships with clients.  Laura answered our questions below:

What do Concierge Services mean to the REALTOR?
You want to work with someone who knows the property well and who you can trust to deliver services to ensure the property looks as good as it possibly can.  Clients will appreciate these services.  With just one call, one person can gather the vendors and arrange everything on your behalf.  Concierge Services coordinate remodel projects, schedule your vendors and facilitate all parties involved.  You have a long-standing friend in concierge services for the new buyer.  Once the buyer is in the house, we continue that relationship and keep the lines of communication open with the REALTOR.  There is an investment from each party in the house and we are there to make sure the investment grows and gets better for everyone.

How does Concierge Services affect Escrow?
Actually, given instructions, this type of service can be paid through escrow.  Providing services through escrow gives a smooth, consistent transaction for all parties.  From being a part-time personal assistant for the buyer to coordinating inspections and delivering valuable paperwork in a timely manner, it can easily be included in the listing offering as a service.  It most definitely sets and listing apart when being able to promote this level of lifestyle concierge assistance.

What if a property is in escrow for a long time, been on the market a while, or a sitting REO?
It’s all about consistency.  You have the assurance of someone overseeing the house and making sure everything stays in order.  If anything comes up last minute or unexpectedly, we have the tools to address any situation with our staff and long-time relationships with our vendors.

Concierge Services go hand in hand with leases as well.  Providing this extra touch would make any agent memorable.  Concierge Services also handle client needs from basics like grocery shopping, housekeeping and dry cleaning to last minute concert tickets, party planning, or fixing the BBQ grill!  Every property has things that can go wrong, and these services have the resources to fix any problems that may arise.

Monarch Estate Management is a Property Management Company in Malibu that has been in business since 1998.  If you have any questions about their services please feel free to contact them at 310-317-6794 or at