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Gather Your Real Estate Leads from Pinterest

Gather Your Real Estate Leads from Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing sites on the internet. People create virtual bulletin boards where they can pin things and ideas they want to bookmark. Whereas many people used to tear out photos in magazines in the hopes of keeping them safe until they could source the product, these days, people turn to Pinterest instead.

“Home” is the number one category of pins on the site, and real estate agents should take note. Pinterest is a great way to drive traffic back to your own website, but you have to be a presence in the online space. With 17.8 million users, it’s a great place to connect with potential buyers and sellers. Using social media sites like Pinterest help consumers to see that you’re human, who just happens to be a real estate agent. It can help eliminate the sales’y aspect and help buyers and sellers feel more comfortable in soliciting your services.

Pinterest can be a great relationship-building tool, and if it means that more people happen upon your website, that is simply a bonus. Home owners and home buyers are all over the site, collecting ideas for home renovation projects, party planning tips, and more. It’s an organizational tool that consumers trust to keep them on-track with larger projects, and agents and brokers would be smart to create a dialogue in this space. You can create boards with home improvement ideas, one with appliances that help consumers compare prices between manufacturers. Give your potential clients ideas of how they can use Pinterest, and they will see just how creative and helpful you are.

Buying and selling homes is a huge decision for most people, and if you can forge a more personal relationship with them, chances are, they will come to you with their business. Give them a glimpse into your own thoughts and ideas with Pinterest!