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Using Our Tools to Get Back on Track, A Few Thoughts From Our President, Jeff Russell

A few weeks ago, my wife and I were golfing, and she said, “Are you sure golfing is still good for you?” 

She knows that I love golf, so I asked her what she was talking about! She explained that she had never seen me get as frustrated or edgy as I did that day with golf after hitting a poor shot. 

So, of course, I looked at her like, ‘What on earth are you talking about!?’ Then I stopped to digest what she had said, took some time to reflect, and realized I had fallen off the wagon! 

Let’s start with the obvious question: what wagon? The wagon I am talking about here is the ‘being the best version of myself’ wagon. 

To stay on that wagon, I have a toolkit – journaling, meditating, writing these messages, reading, and taking time out of my day for reflection – just to name a few. 

So, it made sense when I stopped and thought about my wife’s concern. I’ve been a little more stressed than usual, and in turn, I’ve just been going through the motions a bit, especially with meditating. I realized that I hadn’t been using the right tools often enough. I’d been hammering a nail with a screwdriver. 

I realized that I needed to take a step back, take inventory of my arsenal of tools, and decide which tool would serve me best given where I was at—focusing on forgiveness and committing back to my Evening Routine (take a look at Miracle Morning) immediately came to mind. 

So, what next? Action! 

I started dedicating more time in my daily meditation for forgiveness – forgiving others and forgiving myself. Every night before bed, I also made it a point to set my intentions for the next day, including how I wanted to feel when I woke up, who I wanted to show forgiveness and gratitude toward, and what my perfect day looked like. 

Doing this diligently for a few days got me back on track and cleared the cobwebs out of my head. And it was a great reminder that life happens. We get busy. We fall off track. We forget about our goals. We don’t use the right tools. But, once we realize this and take action, we are happier and healthier versions of ourselves. 

Oh, and a bonus: I enjoy golf more and have also accepted that nobody (including me) should really care too much about how great (or bad) of a golfer I am. 

Life is good. – Jeff 

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