About Joe Curtis

p: 818.459.1765
e: jcurtis@pangogroup.com

Joe embodies a belief system that he leads by and lives by: create and implement strategic systems backed by empowered and accountable individuals who are passionate about the company’s mission, vision and values.


For the past five years, he’s served as COO and Executive VP of Sales & Business Development at Pango Group.


His transparent and collaborative leadership style has been a significant contributing factor to humanizing systems and processes, which has allowed him to develop new business entities, strengthen existing ones and redefine the importance of people.


As Executive VP of Sales & Business Development, Joe transformed the sales department by integrating accountability, honing in on the team’s skillset and implementing cohesive processes. The result was monthly revenues quadrupling in a brief period.


As COO, Joe played a large role in redefining the company’s budgeting process by ensuring the entire organization had financial literacy to understand why decisions were made and to be able to provide meaningful feedback to the process.


Focusing on increasing productivity and supporting the team’s growth was the basis for yet another endeavor Joe initiated – the creation of Pango LAB. This concept focuses on training individuals interested in an escrow career and allowing employees to be cross-trained in other areas of the business. In turn, the company can provide a higher level of service to its clients.


Joe was also named as a 2018 Advocate for Social Good by Giveback Homes. This distinction is given to prominent individuals within the real estate community who have demonstrated their commitment to giving back and pursuing the goal of safe and secure housing for all, and are eager to do more.