About Milly Miller

p: 818.863.1334
e: mmiller@pangogroup.com

With over 40 years of experience, Milly Miller is highly respected and considered a pundit within the Southern California escrow and real estate community. Milly started her progressive career working as a real estate agent. She later moved into the mortgage industry, where she worked as a loan officer for one of the country’s largest lending institutions. Through her roles in these peripheral industry titles, it was the escrow world where Milly felt her abilities and strengths would be the best fit and where she has settled in for over 35 years. 


As an escrow officer, Milly has worked on every type of escrow transaction, ranging from Residential and Commercial to REOs and 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges. While running a highly profitable REO desk during the REO “boom,” Milly established new procedures and systems to streamline the escrow process for both the banks and clients. Her processes were quickly adopted by the REO banks, earning her one of the top REO desks in the country. 


As Vice President of Escrow Operations for Pango Group, Milly is responsible for multiple escrow units and branches within the company and all aspects of the company’s escrow functions, including compliance and Escrow Advisory. She provides compliance and operational support to all of Pango’s various branches. In addition to Milly’s broad level of escrow knowledge, her additional experience working within these neighboring industries has provided her with the level of expertise needed to keep our escrow staff trained in all areas that may affect our partners and clients. It has also afforded her a unique perspective to manage all of our employees with empathy while promoting a robust customer-centric philosophy.


Through Pango-offered life coaching, Milly embraced the program and worked in her own life to make some significant and life-changing decisions that have improved her life in many ways. Milly has reached many financial and health goals and turned her life onto a very positive trajectory. Milly now coaches others within the Pango Group. As a coach, Milly works with others to help them find and attain their passions, dreams, and goals. Milly has seen first-hand what coaching can bring into your life, and she is passionate about helping others reach their full potential.     


Milly has worked with the Pango Group since mid-2004. She is highly motivated and is always searching for opportunities to grow and learn more about herself, others, and our industry.